Weekly Services

Weekly Full Service: Full detail service for your pool:

  1. Net Surface Debris
  2. Vacuum Pool (as needed)
  3. Brush Walls, Steps, and Tile/Water Line
  4. Empty Skimmer, Leaf Canister, Floor System, and Filter Pump Baskets
  5. Test Total and Free Chlorine, Ph, and Total Alkalinity weekly. Cyanuric Acid, Salinity, and Calcium Levels are checked as needed. Chemicals are Included.
  6. Balance and Chlorinate Pool Water
  7. Date Service Card in Pool Control Panel

Weekly Chemical Service: Balance Water Chemistry & Empty Baskets:

  1. Test Total and Free Chlorine, Ph, and Total Alkalinity weekly. Cyanuric Acid, Salinity, and Calcium Levels are checked as needed. Chemicals are Included.
  2. Empty Skimmer, Leaf Canister, Floor System, and Filter Pump Baskets
  3. Balance and Chlorinate Pool Water
  4. Date Service Card in Pool Control Panel

On Call Services

Custom Support Service: Do you enjoy cleaning your own pool? This service is designed to help people like you keep their pools on track. First you decide how often you’d like us to visit, once a month, once every six months, it’s totally up to you. We can come in, do a full cleaning of the pool, test and balance the water, look over things, answer any questions you may have, and clean the filters or salt cell if needed. We do the dirty work so you can more easily maintain your pool and keep it looking great.

On Demand Pool Service: Need to get your pool ready to use fast? Call us to arrange a one-time cleaning and let us handle the pool.

Pool School: Want to learn how to take care of your own pool? Whether you’ve never cleaned a pool before or you’ve got some experience and want to learn more, we have you covered. We’re chemically certified with IPSSA (Independent Pool and Spa Service Association), we can share ticks and techniques with you that will save you hours of time cleaning, and we can also help you set up your pool to run more efficiently and cost you less.

Other Services

Pool Equipment Installation and Repair – Whether you’re interested in a variable speed pool pump, need a pool motor replaced, choose to replace your filter, install a salt system, automate your pool, or fix your heater; we are licensed contractors and possess the tools and skills to provide a solution.

Acid Washing – Application of muriatic acid mixture to a pool surface to brighten plaster, eliminate stains/discoloration, remove calcium deposits, and make the pool surface look brighter.

H ydro-Blast Tile Cleaning – We use a highly effective and safe professional tile cleaning method called Hydro-Blast. This method is safe for ALL types of swimming pool tile and will not cause damage to pool tile like glass bead tile cleaning.

24-Hour Green Pool Cleanup – A green pool is a serious health hazard and provides the perfect environment for mosquitoes and bacteria to breed. After we assess the severity of a green pool we will explain the best course of action to bring the pool back to the crystal clear swimming environment you and your family enjoy. In most cases we can successfully remove all evidence of your pool ever being green within 24 hours of us beginning the job.

Filter Cleaning/Replacement – We have designed a unique state of the art filter cleaning system to provide the very best cartridge filter cleaning possible. Our filter cleaning service is recommended 2-3 times per year in most cases and is essential to maintaining a safe, clean, algae free pool. Filter cleaning includes teardown of filter, cleaning of cartridges or grids, draining and rinsing filter tank, and lubricating filter tank gasket before reassembly.

Salt Cell Cleaning – Most salt cells need to be cleaned and inspected every 3 months to maximize performance and cell life. Salt cell cleaning includes unplugging the cell, removing the cell from the inline plumbing, rinsing out debris, and adding a solution of muriatic acid and water to clean calcium deposits in the cell. After cleaning is completed the cell is replaced back in line and plugged in.

Chlorine Bath – Application of liquid chlorine to the surface of a pool to kill algae, prevent future algae growth, and whiten plaster.

Pool Draining – It is recommended that pools in Nevada are drained and refilled every 2 to 3 years to prevent heavy calcium buildup and to keep cyanuric acid levels safe for swimmers. Draining your pool regularly will save money on chemicals, prevent algae growth, help keep your tile clean, and provide you with the most enjoyment of your pool.

Pool Cleaner Installation & Repair – Have a Pool Cleaner needing attention? We have all the parts and tools necessary to get your cleaner running like new again!

Suction Side Cleaners

Need a suction-side or pressure-side Pool Cleaner? Call us for a price! We include FREE delivery and installation in our service area!

  1. Underwater Repair / Certified Scuba Diving
  2. Automation – Now you can start heating your swimming pool and spa with a touch of a button from your iphone, ipad, android device, laptop, wireless controller, or from a touch screen mounted on your wall. Easy to use software gives you complete control even with multiple devices. No more messing with valves or walking back to the pool equipment to turn something on or off. Contact us for more information about automation solutions for you.
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